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Picturing Food & Drink!

South Florida [1st week of Dec., 2007]

Picturing Food


South Florida [1st week of Dec., 2007]

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jaye vee

florida stone crab @garcia's, miami

smoked salmon eggs benedict @le bonne crepe, ft. lauderdale

banana/strawberry/blueberry crepe @le bonne crepe, ft. laud

canadian bacon, over easy eggs, roast potatoes, & toast @le bonne crepe, ft. laud

conch salad (conch is prepared like ceviche)@tark's, dania

a dozen raw topneck clams on the halfshell @tark's, dania

buffalo shrimp ("hot") w/blue cheese dip @tark's, dania

this is the smallest old fashioned soda you can get -- with a cannonball-sized scoop of ice cream in a PITCHER, for 6 bucks. this is a chocolate soda with homemade oreo ice cream. @jaxson's, dania

after eating around the scoop of ice cream, it finally dropped into the soda.

duck confit gyoza w/ soy brown butter, pumpkin puree & crushed almonds @sushi samba dromo, south beach (a fusion japanese/latino restaurant)

various rolls, including the signature samba dromo roll (maine lobster, mango, tomato, chive, spicy tempura flake, soy paper & tomatillo salsa) @sushi samba dromo, south beach

age dashi tofu w/ daikon & japanese eggplant @sushi samba dromo, south beach

moqueca mista (shrimp, squid, bacalao & crawfish w/coconut milk, roasted cashew, dend oil, & chimichurri rice). peruvian corn on the side. @sushi samba dromo, south beach

sweet plantains w/pickled red onion @sushi samba dromo, south beach

5am post-partying cuban sandwiches at a 24-hour cuban diner, south beach

a tortilla with chorizo & potatoes is not a breakfast taco at a cuban diner, but an egg frittata --south beach

it was my sister's birthday, and she asked for fries but got rice instead (rhymes kinda with 'fries'...I guess). so we put some leftover shoestring potatoes as candles into the rice... (and then the diner came out with tres leches cake and a real candle)

fried fish roe @garcia's, miami

this is what one of the fried fish roe things looks like when cut open @garcia's, miami

and this one just looked...wrong

spicy cracked conch. the breading was good & light. @garcia's, miami

another view of the local florida stone crab. by law, they cannot kill the stone crabs; they have to pull one claw off and throw the crab back to regenerate it. and so they're fully cooked and then served cold with a thick mustard dressing (not shown). @garcia's, miami

whole grilled yellowtail. fresh from the downstairs fish market. seasoned with adobo and with a great grilled flavor. delicious! @garcia's, miami

it was cooked perfectly. if you grabbed hold of the tail, it pulled right out of the fish like buttah. @garcia's, miami

mixed argentine appetizer plate: mixed empanadas, argentine chorizo, sweetbreads, and marinated beef tongue w/chimichurri sauce @chocolate, miami

the house salad had strawberries and shaved chocolate in it @chocolate, miami

they were out of the stuffed ostrich filet, so we ordered the filet minon in a pink peppercorn & cognac sauce @chocolate, miami

chocolate panzotis (pasta) stuffed with chicken and raisins. this was actually really good. the spots are fine shavings of chocolate that have melted into the sauce. @chocolate, miami

a creamy, cheesy scallop/shrimp/mussels risotto @chocolate, miami

this was so good. dulce de leche crepes with ice cream and really high quality chocolate. @chocolate, miami

the bloody mary bar at brunch @nikki beach, south beach

delicious bloody marys (what did I *not* use as garnish?) @nikki beach, south beach

seafood tom yum soup @sukhothai, ft. lauderdale

fresh green coconut curry with half a crispy-skinned duck @sukhothai, ft. lauderdale

the shrimp pad kee mao noodles weren't as thick as they were supposed to be, but it was spicy and had a great charcoal-grill flavor @sukhothai, ft. lauderdale

even more stone crab; this is all-you-can-eat medium claws @catfish dewey's, ft. lauderdale

the aftermath. we actually couldn't eat as much as we thought we could. those things are meaty and too easy to eat quickly. @catfish dewey's, ft. laud

football sunday at a sports bar. here is clams casino using topnecks. @zo's, ft. laud

hot wings, half with chopped garlic on top. served with a poppyseed blue cheese dressing. @zo's, ft. laud

a garlicky pizza with proscuitto, fresh torn basil, mushrooms, peppers & onions @zo's, ft. laud

raspberry truffle: chocolate and raspberry ice creams coated in a raspberry-white chocolate shell and drizzled with chocolate sauce @zo's, ft. laud

hi all. i came out of hibernation. but instead of pics from my travels, i thought i'd share some from where i've lived the past year.
  • I want a 24-hour Cuban diner! Not to mention all the rest of the above...
  • Mmmmm! Fried fish roe, do they taste salty? And the conch, are they tender?

    I want to dive into that plate of stone crab ;o;
    • The conch in the conch salad is only cooked by using lime...like ceviche. So it's a bit chewy. The fried kind was actually tender...the most tender I've ever had.

      Fried fish roe wasn't salty, no.
  • Thanks,

    It's a great set! South Florida is alive and kicking with wholesome goodness!
    • Re: Thanks,

      Thanks! You just have to know where to go... and stay away from the touristy spots. I took a group of 7 girls around the first weekend, and people would ask them, "How did you find out about this place?" And when they pointed to me and said that I lived here, they would respond, "Ahhhh." They thought we all were tourists.
      • Re: Thanks,

        Do you work as a tour guide?
        • Re: Thanks,

          No, the girls were friends of my sister's. It was her birthday and she wanted to spend it in Miami. They live on the west coast; I on the east.
  • Wow, I suddenly wish I could migrate for the winter. Everything looks fabulous! (OK, to be honest, I'm not too interested in the fried fish roe, but other than that...)
    • We saw it on the menu and got curious. There were 7 of us, so...we each tried it.
  • omg.
  • I like this post. It's very...chowhoundy, for lack of a better adjective. Love the photos. :)
  • Tarks! I went there a long time ago and I thought it was great. Your pictures are awesome. Thanks for sharing!
  • Oh man. I love the photos and the food looks amazing.

    Thanks for posting. :]
  • WOW. I miss shellfish. I live in central PA. Not much here. Though, I might go looking after seeing these.
  • I feel full looking at all the food photos. Great pics!
    • thanks; I wish I could feel full from just looking at pics. That would be a godsend when on a diet.
  • YUM! I'm on the west coast and it was awesome to see different types of shellfish and fish! Amazing post!
    • I hosted 6 girls from San Francisco on the first weekend...so it was mandatory to show them all the local specialties. Seafood is so cheap here too, if you know where to go. They even put seared sashimi grade tuna in philly cheesesteaks.

      My favorite crab is dungeness though, but I hear an oil spill is hurting the dungeness crab season on the west coast. :(
  • I looked at all the pictures, and I was very, very impressed (and jealous.) Chocolate soda... I've never heard of that before. I want to try!
    • It's an old-fashioned soda, like the kind the 1950s soda fountains used to make. And then you add ice cream. Whenever I see one on a menu, I have to order it. I had a choice of cherry, vanilla, and some other flavors for the soda part. They're just about extinct these days.
  • Wow, that all looks amazing! Now I am so hungry........
  • Stone crab season is my favorite time of the year. My mom and I had 3 pounds of stone crabs the other night.
  • mmm the ice cream
  • Mmm everything looks so good, now I'm starving.
  • Oh dear god...all of this looks delicious! And stone crab is the best crab I've ever had. :)
  • rasnie bluda a zametila ot nastroenia
  • I had no idea Florida had such great cuisine, it all looks delicious.
  • WOW!
  • Speechless! I've never seen food like this, but I want to try. Looks so good!
  • wowww!!! i wish it was easy to find food like this in england. :( looks delicious.
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