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Picturing Food & Drink!

Coyoty bakes a puffy cheese omelet.

Picturing Food


Coyoty bakes a puffy cheese omelet.

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Color Cool Coyoty
Baked puffy cheese omelet by Coyoty
Baked puffy cheese omelet, a photo by Coyoty on Flickr.

No, not a Cheesy Poof omelet. Mixed eggs, cream, butter, and Trader Joe's South African Smoke spice, topped with Swiss cheese and baked ten minutes at 400 F. in a cast iron skillet. Tasted like quiche.

  • Plz immediately meet me at my house to make this for me. IT LOOKS AMAZING!
  • It looks like there are chunks of sausage, but I'm sure that's just the egg puffing up. I've never heard of that Trader Joe's product. I wonder if it's new.
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