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Picturing Food & Drink!

Mmm, Roasty!

Picturing Food


Mmm, Roasty!

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pop art me
Super simple slow cooker pot roast. I make this so often, it is a little embarrassing.

  • If you want embarrassing, I'm trying not to get caught licking the screen.
    • He he. I totally understand that! I actually burned the crap out of my tongue waiting (rather impatiently) for the roast to be done.
  • Mmmm looks amazing!
  • Thanks for the recipe! My pot roast is already awesome, but i want to try this. :-)
  • Wow, that looks really easy and yummy! Saving it to make later.

    Beautiful picture, too!
    • Thank you. I hope you love it as much as I do!
      • I got all the stuff to make this tomorrow! Can you confirm there's not a typo? You cook this 8 hours on high? Not low? Thanks! :)
        • Yup, it is on high. Takes a long time to break down the meat with the onions under it.
          • Ah okay, thanks!
            • Aww, I see it didn't come out great. Sorry! I have had the problem of the gravy being too thin and oily, and that is usually when it isn't cooked long enough... which seems ridiculous because it cooks so friggen long. At some magical point, it turns gravy like (though there is a bit of extra fat, as seen in the picture above, but the meat is so lean, that without it the meat gets very dry).
              • Hmm, interesting. My meat wasn't overly lean (had lines of fat running through it), maybe that's why our results were different? I ended up cooking it about nine and a half hours (it wasn't fork tender in the middle at eight or eight and a half). I was really surprised to see it hadn't overcooked after that long!

                Not your fault at all, no worries! I liked the packet ideas a lot. I think if I try it again I'll just skip the butter.
  • I recently tried this: I had only a 2 1/2 pound pork roast and so it was done in 6-7 hours on high and came out delicious. I poured off the gravy and thickened it on the stove top before serving. My husband loved it.
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