The Stylemeister (plwh888) wrote in picturing_food,
The Stylemeister

Filipino Dinner

Had dinner with photog75 at GP Asian @ Lucky Plaza

Sisig, I find this is not well done, too dried for my liking, I had much better sisig in Manila.

Crispy Pata, whole chunk of Pork Knuckles, quite lovely, almost German, especially with San Miguel

The Soy + Kalamansi Sauce to go with the Pata

Sinigang, this is perfect ! Just the right touch of sourishness for me :-)

The Sambal Kangkong, ok, we cheated, this is Singaporean :P

The rice, though I would prefered if they had added some deep fried onions on top.

San Miguel Beer ! Light and refreshing, perfect combo

The complete deal, too much food for 2 person...

Too much meat, I'm turning vegetarian for the next 2 days at least !

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