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Spain: Street Food.

This is the first type of churro I tried in Spain. I was surprised to the point of near disgust; these churros are not the cinnamon-sugar confections you find at Disneyland. They are salty, slightly eggy pieces of fried dough that sit very heavily in your stomach. Still, I found myself craving them a week later, and it's really fun to watch the vendors pour a long coil of dough into the fryer and then cut it into strips like this. A ration (which I think is enough for three people) generally runs about 1.25.

Rayas is easily the best place for ice cream in the city. Once, at three in the morning, it was so crowded people were taking numbers. Some of my favorite flavors included Crema Catalana, Marscapone, Sacher, and Nata con Caramelo. They also had fancy things like Marron Glace, and Leche Merengada with a little nutmeg on top.

These photos are from an outdoor market on Calle Feria that i'd pass every morning on the way to dance school. There are many produce, fish, meat, and cheese vendors who all vote when new vendors try and rent a stand in order to keep competition out. The morning fish deliveries were fun to watch. I'd sidestep large styrofoam cases of fresh anchovies or squid on a regular basis. There was also an organic fruit/vegetable stand that threw parties on Thursday nights with a deejay, dancing, organic beer, and homemade tapas.

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