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Picturing Food & Drink!

Breakfast for a Hangover

Picturing Food


Breakfast for a Hangover

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In addition to copious amounts of water, Vitamin B-12 and black coffee, when the night before warrants it, I grill myself up a burger.
Ketchup totally masks the flavor of the beef so I just do it in a very spartan way.
Two patties on whole wheat with lettuce, mayo, black pepper and salt.
That's it.
You should try it, it'll be the best burger you've ever had.


  • I totally agree with you on the ketchup. Savory meat taste so much better. I can't understand why people insist on adding sugars to them.
    • Yes, I like my candy to taste sweet and my meat to taste...meaty.

      Mixing the two is not a good idea, and part of the reason I think we (Americans) eat 25% more calories than we did in the 1970's.
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