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Picturing Food & Drink!

Whole wheat donut

Picturing Food


Whole wheat donut

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Me: Was in such a good mood, I splurged and got a donut.
Her (secretary): Nice, what kind?
Me: Whole wheat.
Her: Whole wheat?! God, even your splurges are lame.
Me: Annnnnd...back to reality.
Her: Good, the Carter contract is on your desk. I'm taking my lunch break now.

  • Hahaha...nice!
  • Yum. Whole wheat is my friend.

    You have a fascinating lj, btw.
    • Whole wheat should be everyone's friend.

      Why thank you, I'll take that as a compliment; it must be the drinking and womanizing.

      You do realize now that I have to read yours, let me get a cup of coffee.
  • Yeah, but that's not whole wheat glaze.

    Go carbs!
  • looks like a meatball holed by finger
  • Where on *earth* can you get a whole wheat donut?

    I have the occasional craving, but regular donuts (even cake type) ALWAYS make me feel sick right afterward.
    • Oddly enough, Dunkin Donuts! I was feeling in a good mood so I went in and I actually ordered the apple spice when I saw that and felt I just had to get it.

      Mainly because I'm secretly a fatty-fat-fat deep down inside.
      • Wow, that makes me really happy. I'm going to find a local DD and see what I can find.

        I've read your blog before and forgotten about it, so I'm doubly glad you posted this. ^_^
  • A whole wheat pastry? Part of me is shocked and the other part of me wonders how it tastes...

    I am a huge cheerleader for whole wheat breads, but for some reason the whole genre of whole wheat pastries (it's growing actually) just boggles my mind!
  • Haha, whole wheat! Awesome. Hey, that's a smart splurge to me -- high five to you!

    I've been craving steamed dumplings from the Chinese-food place down my street (it sounds 'healthy' but I doubt it is)... if only dumplings were whole-wheat...
    • I'll take any high-fives I can get.

      I doubt it healthful but every once in a while, I think is ok.
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