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Red Velvet PanCAKES (and more!) at The Griddle Cafe, Hollywood, CA

I'm from Phoenix but I have made trips out to LA for this place a couple times now, it's that good.

Red Velvet PanCAKE and mimosa at The Griddle Café in West Hollywood, California.

It's a really small place. The wait is usually pretty long, but SO worth it. ALWAYS go hungry, and preferably with someone who will order something different so you can try as many things as possible!

Know what's always good? BACON. And they cooked it 'easy' for me -- nice and soft. They'll even make it brittle and crispy if that's your thing. But it is perfectly salty and thick. Mmmm.

"Poached y Papas" Benedict – A thick slice of tender baked ham and two poached eggs served atop seasoned potato skins. Covered in our incredible Hollandaise sauce. Avocado optional.

Total Potato Perfection.

"Scotch on the Rocks" – Intoxicating coconut, pecan, oat, and butterscotch chip-filled flapjacks. Topped with real whipped cream and powdered sugar.

Suuuper sweet, but delish!

"Saturday Morning Fever" – Bailey's and Kahlua swirled into buttermilk batter. Topped with real whipped cream and powdered sugar.

The whipped cream? Sprayed with Kahlua. And see those crispy edges? Mmm.

"Peanut Bubba" Crunchy French Toast – French toast dipped in a peanut butter crunch, then grilled to perfection. Topped with powdered sugar and whipped cream.

Holy french toast, Batman! This is seriously the best french toast I've had in my entire life. The texture is perfect! And the peanut butter crunch is like the best part of a Butterfinger! All the sweet Butterfingery goodness without all the nasty mockolate to ruin it!

And now… the motherload…

Red Velvet PanCAKES! They are so rich! Perfectly cocoa-y, some saltiness to the batter, complemented by super-sweet tangy cream cheese frosting. Dusted with cocoa powder, crispy-edged. Mmm. THIS is pancake PERFECTION.

It's a non-menu item and they only give up to a day's notice that it's going to be served. The fabulous owner, Jodi, updates the Café's Twitter account (add them!), though, when they're to be expected! She made sure they were being served up at The Griddle the other day when I drove in for my birthday (and a friend flew down from San Jose). Utterly fantastic service, great food!


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