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Forcing your Swiss friends to celebrate Halloween is easy, if you put on the right spread.

It's logical that Halloween is Mine as far as the Party schedule goes, and this was the First Annual American Halloween Party. Some hosts would buy some cupcakes and open a couple bags of chips, but nooooo, I gotta be a maniac and spend two days in the kitchen.

For my menu, I pretty much just googled the crap out of 'halloween food' and stole every idea I stumbled across. When I saw "MEATFACE", I knew I had to have one.
Meatface started with a crazy-delicious mix of cream cheese, blue cheese, dijon mustard, smashed pecans.

Then a nice fat layer of prosciutto

Almond teeth, onion and olive eyeballs. Ca-reepy.

Served with crunchy Twists. Poor Meatface didn't last 45 minutes. They tore him apart like flesh-crazed zombies.

I also made Fried Chicken on my balcony. This was the only shot I got of it, pre-frying

The party and playing "hostess" was busy times, so I didn't document the munchies as well as I'd have liked.

My Mother-In-Law mailed over a whole bunch of old-timey candy from Chicago - wax bottles and lips and gummy things and paper candy shakers, etc. That was fun.

Also - cinnamon sugar cookies. Again, didn't get a shot of these done. They were delicious. I just sort of made up the recipe.

Other grub includes:

I baked 2 big loaves of Focaccia and served it with olive oil and fresh grated parm, capers and olives.
There were 12 small fresh Apple Pies.
I made This Dip Here, and served it in a little pumpkin with some apples I got at the lake behind my home. I was worried about this one, I didn't think anyone would like it - but dang did they eat the crap outta that. Had to re-fill the pumpkin even.
There was also a cheese plate - stinky old Gruyere and Appenzell cheeses, with thin deer-meat sausage and some smoked bacon - but they inhaled that pretty fast.

This guy approves

Well, anyone'd approve after that much beer

One of the best Hostess Gifts I got last night was this:

A Swiss-German Cookbook! I can't wait to tear through it and it. I dunno how much "Swiss" cooking I'll be doing in November - I'm on week THREE of No Smoking (hi-five!) but I'm also about 7lbs heaver (dammit). Salads and hiking, my friends. Salads and hiking.

Happy Halloween everybody!

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