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Picturing Food & Drink!

Coyoty eats wild boar meatloaf.

Picturing Food


Coyoty eats wild boar meatloaf.

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Color Cool Coyoty
At Sharp Edge Bistro Penn in Pittsburgh, PA in July.

Wild boar meatloaf
"Wild boar and sirloin blended meatloaf, with creamy wild mushroom reduction, served with Belgian Frites". I had onion petals instead of the fries.

Sharp Edge interior


Wells' Banana Bread Beer
Wells' Banana Bread Beer.

Sauteed asparagus
Sauteed asparagus.

Crispy fried onion petals
Crispy fried onion petals.
  • Whoa, blast from the past. I haven't been to Sharp Edge in years.
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