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picturing_food's Journal

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Picturing Food & Drink!
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Like to eat? Like to photograph what you eat? Then this is the place for you!

This community exists for users to post their pictures of food. It is open to photographers of all levels of skill and culinary sophistication. It is not a strictly professional photography or gourmet food community.

If you feel a picture violates the rules, contact a mod (see Community info page for both of these.)

Do not post negative comments about what you perceive to be the quality of either the food, presentation or photography. All such comments in the future will have a high probability of being deleted. Repeated negativity could result in a ban.

Constructive criticism about photography techniques or positive suggestions for food preparation or platting are welcome, however. I would hope the members of this community are sophisticated enough to know the difference.

If the egalitarian nature of this community offends your sensibilities, no one is preventing from leaving and/or forming one that meets your standards.

Thank you.

By joining this community, you agree to follow THE RULES:

Feeling rebellious? Don't waste your time here.

  • Your post MUST contain a photo or a link to an appropriate photo.

  • Please give a basic description of the food you are posting (preferably in the post title.)

  • Post reasonably sized photos. If you are going to post very large or more than 2 photos, use the lj cut feature.
    Look here if you don't know how to cut.

  • No photo collages unless they're behind a cut.

  • No more than 2 posts in a row per day per user.

  • Do Not post photos of food in suggestive poses, food that doesn't look like food, or food that looks like genitalia! this is a family friendly community.

  • No profanity, flaming, harassing, rude, disrespectful or hateful comments! That'll get you banned rather quickly!

  • Do not disable comments on your posts. This is a community and that requires communication and interaction. Only mods may disable comments and then only for "housekeeping" and "announcement" type posts.

  • Do Not spam this community. (if you'd like to post about a food related community, please email me and ask. i will probably let you post if it's appropriate.)

  • Use work/child safe user pics when posting in this community.

    If the above rules are broken, your post could/will be deleted and/or you could be banned with or without a warning, so, simply follow the rules!

    here's a link that you may find helpful when photographing food: food photography tips
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